Evidences of Muhammad’s Prophethood

Kasım 20, 2006

And (we believe) that Muhammad is His chosen slave, the selected Prophet and an approved Messenger.

The three terms: ‘chosen’, ‘elected’ and ‘approved,’ are more or less synonyms. The point of note here is that a man’s perfection lies in how true a slave he is to Allah the Most High. The more true slave a man is, the more perfect and the higher in rank he is. Anyone who believes that the creation can get out of the bond of slavery to Allah, howsoever he may achieve that, and attains higher status with Him, is the most ignorant of His creations. Allah said:

“And they say, ‘The Merciful has taken a son.’ Glory is to Him. Rather, they are slaves, honored.” (Al-Anbiya’, 26)

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