Shirk in Obedience

Ekim 26, 2006

[Major shirk can be divided into four categories:
– The first category of major shirk is “associating in supplication”, which involves directing one’s supplications to other than Allah as a means of gaining provisions or being cured from a sickness or obtaining help during a crisis or for any other purpose.
– The second category of major shirk is “association in the intention”, that is, performing deeds that may be good in themselves but which are done for the sake of this worldly life and not for the sake of Allah.
The third category of major shirk is “association in loving Allah”. That is to love someone or something else more than or as much as one loves Allah.
The fourth category of major shirk is “association in obedience” which is to obey people when they make unlawful things lawful, and to believe that it is permissible to follow those who make such legislations.
Here we discuss the fourth category.]

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